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Hello my aware and conscious friend!

My mission is to bring a new standard of truly safe arts and crafts products to the market. We all know chemical dyes can be really bad for us. If we are absorbing the bad properties of dyes into our bloodstream through wearing, well then could we absorb the good properties through wearing things that are beneficial to our health? LETS TRY IT! Unfortunately traditional dye methods, even a lot of natural ones, have a caustic step in the process. These dyes are meant to eliminate your interaction with the negative as they require no mordant (fixative). We are not causing a fiber reaction; we are embedding light pigments from nature into fabric. Very much like when you’ve slid in the mud and could never get that stain out. ALR is so proud to present a new standard for creating harmlessly.


STOVE TOP DIRECTIONS: For the best results please empty contents of pouch into a stockpot of water. Place on stove and bring to a boil. Stir. Insert pre-washed, clean, wet fabric into dye. Stir. Cook the fabric to achieve desired color. Rinse in cold water. Washing your garment by hand with natural neutral pH detergent will help to preserve your work. 

KIDS: **If this dye is being used with children you may allow it to cool before use and place in buckets or any kid friendly vehicle for safe dyeing fun. 

PAINT: Please feel free to experiment with this pack by adding to paint. Simply sift the salt and roses away from the rest of the contents, add to any paint base, stir well and have fun.

INGREDIENTS: Earth, Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, and Organic Pale Pink Wild Roses.

USAGE: May be used on any natural fabric such as cotton, silk, linen, hemp, jute, etc. The lighter the base fabric, white or natural, the brighter your colors will show. The more concentrated the dye the darker the color.

PACKAGING: The packaging is hand screened with ALR Orange by Morgan and Patrick in Brooklyn. The instructions are printed on recycled paper in carbon. Please recycle both the paper and plastic from this packaging. We hope to bring you zero waste packaging in the future.

DISCLAIMER: The contents of the pouch are high quality natural non-toxic ACMI tested and approved. If powder gets in eyes or mouth flush with water until clear. Natural color may fade quicker than chemical dyes.  If you or your child are allergic to these ingredients as food please do not use. This is not food. Wear gloves and/or apron if you don’t want potentially tinted skin or clothing!

#alrdyeing @audreylouisereynolds on Instagram for all of your creations please! We would love to see what you’ve made. Thank you for embarking on this adventure with us.

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