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This Alpaca scarf is a friendly farmed fur. It was grown on happy animals living great lives in Mass and then spun and knit in Rhode Island. After this small farm grows and small family owned mill spins and knits I hand dye it with some of the best materials in the world know to be good for you in addtion to being awesome colors. 

Please hand wash cold with eco ph neutral detergent and eco fabric softner. Dryer is ok!

Pink - fermented roses, italian earth, pink himalyan salt, rose buds, wild flowers, rose water, ocean water

Yellow - cold pressed turmeric, alkaline water, 

Grey - fallen trees carbonized over three days at a low air supply and then made in to activated charcoal, gris salt, rain water

Ecru - healing leaves, barks, chaga mushroom, ocean water

Natural - Undyed 


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