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Indigo Cotton Tshirt


These shirts are buried in the earth for 2 weeks to promote softness, naturally dyed with home fermented indigo, and finished with reiki by ALR.   

Indigo enhances our power of expression, imagination, meditation and articulation.  Indigo has been worn as protection for centuries, from the Picts to police uniforms. While wearing this shirt I intend for you to engage your companions on a higher realm while being protected with daily wearable armor. All garments are finished with reiki. All dyes are 100% natural and handmade by Audrey Louise Reynolds in small batches in dye lab located in Red Hook Brooklyn. All shirts are buried and aged in the earth to promote softness.To finish products they are reikied and charged by both the sun and moon. Rose healings are available for any items upon request. Additional colors available upon request. Distressing available upon request. Each item is one of a kind.

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