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Creator, owner and active President of ALRDYEING and ALR Global Color Corp, Audrey Louise Reynolds, was born in Detroit, MI and raised in NC and VT. Audrey spent most of her youth outside gardening, horseback riding and exploring the woods and the beach. Her main interests always lay in color, design, clothing, and sciences; and she immersed herself in art, ecology and science classes and thrived studying abroad in Spain. Upon graduating high school she continued her studies in painting, photography, film, and video at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston while working as a cook. This unique combination became the catalyst for her creative love of cooking, colors and design and enabled her to pursue her career in dye work in 2002. Dubbed the “fashion world’s artisanal fabric dyer” by the NY Times in 2010. ( http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/23/fashion/23reynolds.html )  Self taught pigment expert Audrey Louise Reynolds continues to create custom colors and patterns made from just about anything you can dream up. She is well known for her sense of adventure in her choice of materials like Bio luminescent Plankton, Mineral Reactions, squid ink, home grown crystals, rust, earth, botanical materials, insects, and mollusks suffused with fabrics such as peace silk, cashmere, and even metal. She has worked with the likes of Nike, RW2, Jigsaw, Pamela Love, Nomia, Assembly NY, Repetto, Rogan, No.6, Wendy Nichol, Kaelen, and Bodkin just to name a few. Audrey currently is participating in a huge range of things in the art world from costume design on full length feature You Were Never Here set to open 2016, to her first international solo art show opening in London April 2016, to a TV episode series she stars in on transparent natural production with Jigsaw!!! Stay Tuned!!!

Email: alrdyeing@gmail.com




Photos by Jessica Malafouris

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